Fulltime Families Rally

We’re in Menifee California to attend our first Fulltime Families Rally. The primary reason we wanted to come to the rally was so that our daughter would have an opportunity to meet other kids her age and forge some relationships that she could cultivate on the road. Meeting kids has been very difficult for Taryn because we haven’t crossed paths with many other families. A couple of weeks back we did meet another travelling family and Taryn had become friends with their kids. Coincidentally that family was scheduled to be at the campground the same week as the rally. So although there were plenty of opportunities for Taryn to get to know other kids she choose to hang out with the ones she already knew. It’s unfortunate she didn’t sync up with some other kids because it’s very unlikely we’ll see that family again on our travels.


So back to our first rally. We had no idea what to expect and there was no information on the content of the rally prior to the week of. It was then that we discovered that the Fulltime Families organization is a Christian based organization. The first clue was the pre-rally announcements on the member Facebook page speaking of bible study on Wednesday morning and welcoming the Chaplain. This got us concerned that many of the activities would be religious based. We were really surprised because try as you might to find any mention of religion on the Fulltime Families website, you’ll come up empty handed. It’s not that I have any issues with people and their faith, but I do feel that it’s a private choice and shouldn’t be pushed on anyone.

Lots of Activities

However, on Thursday when we registered and picked up the agenda for the rally my mind was put at ease. Among the activities were daily morning coffee talks with two to three topics up for discussion. We’d walk over with our coffee and join the circle with the topic that was of interest to us. A facilitator would get the discussion going and we could comment or ask questions. Some of the topics included blogging, solar power, and travelling with guns! Similarly in the evening there were further discussion groups. For any of the adult-only events, childcare was provided for those with younger kids so parents could attend.

Another event that I really enjoyed was the parade of homes during which a few families opened up their RVs for a look inside. We got a chance to see different types of travelling homes from an Airstream (very sleek and modern) to massive 5th wheels weighing in at more than 15,000 pounds with full sized refrigerators and on-board laundry.

During the day there were a number of family related game events and three nights of the week there were themed potlucks. After dinner there were a few campfires going on including one specifically for the teens in the group. On Saturday night they held a talent contest which turned out to be a really good time.

It’s Over All Ready

Before we knew it the week had gone by and the rally concluded on Sunday with a church service followed by closing ceremonies. We didn’t attend the church service and were concerned that we would be one of the only families not there. But during the time the service was going on we spotted quite a few families from the rally around the campground so we didn’t feel so awkward.


Overall we were really pleased with our first rally and now we know what to expect if we get a chance to attend another one. The organizers did a fantastic job with the events and kept everything moving smoothly. We got to meet a whole bunch of new people who we may bump into as we continue our travels.