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2 days ago

Something a wee bit different - forgive me for the video quality

2 days ago
Astoria Column | RV365LIFE

The views were so incredible http://rv365life.com/astoria-column/

Astoria Column Posted by Richard Adshead | Feb 21, 2018 | history, Things to Do | 0 | Astoria Column We drove a few miles up the coast to the town of Astoria Oregon to check out the Astoria Column. ... See more

3 days ago
Dog Food Experiment | RV365LIFE

Our dog food experiment

Dog Food Experiment Posted by Anita Kaiser | Feb 21, 2018 | Dog | 0 | Raw Meat When our dog Chance was just a pup I did a bunch of research and decided that I would feed her only raw meat and I’ve ... See more

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